Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Seo Services and Recession Prices

We all know that the recession plays a big role in our every day buying power so when it comes to your online business and your sites in general it's pretty vital to get the best for your buck.

If you're out there promoting your website through any kind of social media sites and want to pay less or if the SEO company is asking for lots of money then you should start searching for some affordable deals. There are a ton of freelancers who are doing SEO at the moment, some better than others of course.

But how to figure out if they really know what they're doing ? First of all ask for their recommendations, SEO strategy and remember it's always better to communicate with the person in charge of your future SEO campaign. Right now you can get initial optimizations for 100-200 $ which include optimizing your:

  • Content
  • URL structure
  • URL rewrites
  • Link sculpting
  • robots.txt
  • .htaccess
  • URL canonicalization
And for a monthly fee of around 200 $ you can get links without the nofollow attribute and a decent pagerank. Now isn't that a deal or what ? For the best seo results so some research, ask other people who own websites and plan your budget accordingly. You really don't need to waste thousands of dollars in the recession !