Sunday, November 25, 2007

I've moved

MY NEW DOMAIN is sergiu birzu feel free to check my new site about SEO - only for Romanian language though at Seo.


Friday, November 23, 2007

Latent Semantic Indexing

A very interesting technique that is a must when it comes to really push the limits of your site in order to rank better. I think of it as the step you need to take when backlinks alone don't count that much in ranking and other factors come into play.

Google's I'm Feeling lucky button synonym to Wikipedia ?

Take GOOGLE and 600 search terms -> and you get 97.4 % out of which Wikipedia is on first page.

It has come to my attention that most of my daily searches (and I do make a lot of them) end up with Wiki on the first page. I started to think if Wikipedia isn't artificially boosted by Google.... yeah Google we know they aren't angels... but now really out of 600 random keywords and keyword combinations almost everyone of them is on the 1-st page...

Now that doesn't seem to be fair and you as yourself if the so disputed I'm feeling lucky button isn't a synonym for Wikipedia or a shortcut (your choice).

Hope Google fixes things, now everybody knows about Wiki and it's a shame when another good article is being obfuscated by other kind of interests... My solution ? remove Wiki from the search engines... it's already so popular that everyone who needs wiki info. could go directly to their homepage...

Sad Person.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Incredible rankings

After a few tests and other tedious things i have realized that my blog ranks up really high for a couple of very competitive keywords.

How to reach 40 on a 10 million keyword with lots of competition.

My primary targeted keyword is backlinks for which i have reached 40 out 10 million results ! Although programs like Seo Elite tell me that the current position is 30 (different Google searches may differ because of multiple datacenters) i think 40 is still a good rank and the screenshot proves it.

Another keyword combination i died to rank for was "buy backlinks". In a world where links are being sold or rented for hundreds of dollars i have made it to first page on Google ! That is a very good result nevertheless.

I am willing to teach everyone about my techniques so if you stick around on my blog i'm sure you will get valuable information that you can use to improve your site.

You could search for these keywords for yourself if you do not believe me. So share this with your friends let us rank high baby !

Alexa Rank

Recently my blog has gained a lot of Alexa ranks and i'm very pleased with the way things are going except the lousy traffic. Since the last Google PR update a few weeks back my site has grown around 900.000 alexa rankings in 3 major steps. First i saw a 400.000 increase then another whooping 400.000 and yesterday my site pulled of a decent 80.000-90.000 ranks.

I think Alexa's system really shows you the progress, if any, of your site. Because Google updates it's Page Rank only a few times a year you need some kind of info about your site. I would recommend using the Alexa Toolbar which you can download from their website here because it reveals accurate information about your site.

Other ways to figure out the progress of your site include finding your backlinks through several ways shown on my blog or by searching how your keywords rank on different search engines. The more tedious way is doing it manually, a bit time consuming if you want to check on your stats daily but efficient or by getting a software like Seo Elite which is a major improvement and has a lot of features which will help you get your knowledge. Let's say you want to find out about competition for instance, how many links the have or at what keywords they excel. I know it costs money but not everything in this lifetime is free.

So if your building your site be sure to have all the goodies that you might need installed like:

1. Google Toolbar for Page Rank
2. Alexa Toolbar for Alexa Rank
3. Search Status to be able to find nofollow links
4. Seo Elite or any similar software.

These are life savers sometimes and you can't really handle without them but if you like it the hard way you can come up with your own "solution" but i can't emphasise this enough :
Use your head, don't listed to every stuff that's out there, i'm sure that you can learn a lot but if you want to become successful in this field Use your head !

Keyword Rankings

I must admit that i'm a fanatic when it comes to Keyword Rankings because if your site is amongst the first results for specific a niche then your site is bound to have lots of visitors. The thing i don't understand so well is that despite the pretty decent rankings i've got traffic seems to go lower and lower each day.

I recently removed Google Adsense because it made my site look a bit childish but i can't imagine that the loss of traffic is connected in any way with Adsense... What is more shocking is that i'm not banned on Google and like i said i have pretty good results for any backlink combination like "buy or find or easy backlinks" but where is the traffic then ?

I know a solution would be to start submitting articles to Digg or other social media/ bookmarking sites but i really want to see organic search engine based traffic coming to my blog. The ways of the internet are still mysterious to me but heck who knows them anyway.... Who wouldn't literally kill to have their sites not placed on the first result but at least on the first page of Google, Yahoo or MSN ? With keyword rankings and a decent site comes traffic, and traffic will always make you money, either selling it, orientating it to your other affiliate sites, promote your products or even using Pay Per Click programs.

I might need to start documenting some more and experiment with a couple of things and i sincerely hope things will turn out fine in the end, till then happy blogging and don't forget that we are entering such a beautiful period (Christmas). So to all of you who haven't started on buying gifts well you should start before you find yourselves with no time whatsoever.

Monday, November 19, 2007

edu links

Edu links are very important when it comes to linkbuilding. I consider them more important than .gov links even (which are nevertheless crucial to have). From our point of view edu links or links coming from an edu site aren't different from any other type of link but for Search Engines things are different.

Edu links aren't something new, they've been out there since 1985 (most of them from the US) and most representing schools although a few are belonging to museums or other educational based institutions. But why would they mean anything to you ? Well if you got edu links it's some kind of saying : hey he can be trusted, know what i mean ?

Having .edu links means that your site will gain more and more credibility, so you don't need to have like half of your total backlinks marked as edu but you could try to do your best at getting these.

A few interesting ways of searching edu links can be found here at dailyblogtips so feel free to start posting your bloglinks right away.

You will be surprised to see that all top ranking sites have edu links and it has become a linko hunting mania out there but if you play your cards right i'm sure you'll manage.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Drupal is backlink compatible

I have recently wandered over the Internet trying to come up with a few backlink building ideas and i have stumbled upon Drupal. Their network is quite impressive and i have managed to build a decent number of links on sites based on their format.

Whenever i wish to find a relevant site on Drupal i just go to Google and write these down : "login or register" inurl:node "keyword"

What it says is the following:

"login or register" - find those sites who have this in their content. Drupal needs you to register before you can comment so i used this to filter the results.

"inurl:node" tells google to filter those webpages that contain nodes (Drupal specific)

"keyword" is a topic you are interested in talking about.

Posting a decent comment with a link back to your page is really easy and can get you a backlinks from a relevant page in no time. You just need to download and install a plugin for your browser (I use SeoQuake) in order to see the page rank of google's results and then select those results (with PR greater than 1 obviously) and an email account.

Here we have a Google Search and as you can see i have typed what i was talking about earlier in the search box.

From the results you can see that finding a PR 6 page to post on might not be that hard to accomplish. It's really that simple ! you need to register and then add a nice comment with a backlink to your site. Of course your comments might get deleted but so remember not to spam and happy posting !

As an ending i'm going to show you a full example on how to build a backlink for any type of site. I'm going to search for a site relevant to my blog (seo and backlinks)

So here's the google search ! (remember to install SeoQuake and sort the results by their PR too )

Then we'll randomly take any result ( remember that every site works as long as the registration is complete and you don't need to wait for the administrator approval.

I'm going to register to their native site (i don't recommend using this one because it's heavily moderated and you really need to stay on topic oh and it's amongst the few sites that tag your link with nofollow... but this thing can be fixed by adding rel=follow to your links).

So i've settled on and this seems a good site.. Next thing is to register and get posting. I strongly recommend you get a plugin to highlight the nofollow links on any page.

So add a decent (even better than mine :P) comment that contains a link in the content or as a signature (your choice) and tell that link to point back at any site you want... So write these down youranchor

Now post the damn thing and you're set you have a one way link !

As you can see there are a few pink links (those are the nofollow links that drupal automatically sets). So here are a few more tips :

There are literally thousands of sites based on drupal so why not get good links ?
Don't over do it ! don't post more than one comment per day on a certain site !
Be sure to have a lot of accounts ready but if your comments are getting constantly deleted just move on !
Spread this document please ! and help promote my blog so I can get a bit more motivated.

backlinks on a new domain

I have recently bought my very own domain and will happily welcome all of you on it. It's called sergiu birzu and will host most of my ideas and work from now on.

Of course i will continue to work on backlinks and post my discoveries on this site too. I hope I will start to do a better job from now on and the first thing is to get good content and hope to see traffic coming so i can get a bit more motivated.

For all those who are new to this domain i wish you the best and why not success !

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Google's last Pagerank update

I must say i was a bit surprised to see some familiar sites loosing PR. I think Google is dramatically lowering your page rank if you tend to link away excessively. Who even knows what they are really up to but for all i care things are looking good for me and for every day that passes i end up learning something new and that's what really matters.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Post today and link away

One of the most simplest and amazing things that i have come across recently is that you can get a lot of benefits by just writing one simple post per day and link away to another site relevant to your content. Of course Google recently altered the PR and it's good to keep in mind that more links on your site will dramatically decrease your PR.

So plan ahead, post a decent and original article/post on your site/blog.. Link away to something relevant and you're set. You'll be amazed how traffic will be increasing to your site. Eh.. it helps to be active that's what i think.