Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The most awesome redirect check tool ever !

Is your site suffering from any of these ?

Lousy canonicalization.
Do you want to 301 redirect your to ?
Do you want to stop losing Pagerank to that annoying index.php or index.html page ?
Why have 22 different URL's for the same thing... You're basically splitting your Pagerank potential. Now is the time to use this awesome free tool

It helps me fix all of the above in less than a minute. Do a good thing, make your site happy with URL canonicalization.

By doing this you will get domains like:
and so on
redirected to your only domain name =>

Cheers !

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Seo Services and Recession Prices

We all know that the recession plays a big role in our every day buying power so when it comes to your online business and your sites in general it's pretty vital to get the best for your buck.

If you're out there promoting your website through any kind of social media sites and want to pay less or if the SEO company is asking for lots of money then you should start searching for some affordable deals. There are a ton of freelancers who are doing SEO at the moment, some better than others of course.

But how to figure out if they really know what they're doing ? First of all ask for their recommendations, SEO strategy and remember it's always better to communicate with the person in charge of your future SEO campaign. Right now you can get initial optimizations for 100-200 $ which include optimizing your:

  • Content
  • URL structure
  • URL rewrites
  • Link sculpting
  • robots.txt
  • .htaccess
  • URL canonicalization
And for a monthly fee of around 200 $ you can get links without the nofollow attribute and a decent pagerank. Now isn't that a deal or what ? For the best seo results so some research, ask other people who own websites and plan your budget accordingly. You really don't need to waste thousands of dollars in the recession !

Friday, May 22, 2009

Spectromancer Fantasy Game | Plynx the best player

Heya all. I just wanted to write a short post about a great game i enjoy playing with my friends. It's called Spectromancer and it's a fantasy card game developed by the great guys who created Astral Tournament before.
You can download a free trial here basically giving you the possibility to play online only with the Cleric House. Spectromancer is so much fun to play because it takes so little time and you can easily spend like 10-20 minutes a day without gettin too hooked !
Spectromancer is really a Fantasy Game because it involves mythical creatures, awesome spells and amazing turnovers !!! It's cheap (just under 20 bucks) and really worth the spend.

If you can afford it go and buy it and you won't regret it... Maybe one day you will have the chance to duel Plynx which is the greatest Spectromancer player so far !!! I managed to beat Plynx in a spectromancer game with my favourite house: CHAOS by rushing him !!!

As you can see i'm one click away to kill him. Of course he took his revenge right after that but man i got to tell you: Plynx is a really good player. His analytical skills really impress me. We can certainly say that Plynx is the best Spectromancer player !!

If you enjoy card based games but Magic the Gathering is too hard for you to understand then go for Spectromancer or Astral Tournament (although discontinued) and emerge as the champion of Online Fantasy Card Games :))

Thursday, May 21, 2009

SSL Certificates for your your domain

Implementing SSL Certificates are a must if you're running a website that needs data encryption. Having this in mind most ecommerce webmasters are tempted to go for a SSL Certificate without thinking about the issues that will follow.

The most important aspect when it comes to SEO and SSL certificates is dealing with the duplicate content.

Yes is different from although many people don't know that. You might end up buying great SSL Certificates and suddenly see a loss in traffic because the mighty G. will start penalizing your site for duplicate content.

If you need more information you can follow this link and see what Google has to say:

Remember to take care of your site whether using SSL Certificates or not. Try to avoid duplicate content at all costs !

Building Backlinks or Increasing Backlinks can help your site

I find it very interesting and dissappointing too that some people don't realize the benefit of links on the web. Most of them just build a site on the fly (with errors too) then put it online and wait for the money to pour.

Well things don't work that way at all !

Building backlinks and reputation and improving your brand name is important too. It's true that by offering great services people will refer your business and eventually link to your site but this process takes a lot of time. Of course you need to plan for the long run but there are some things you can do to get an increasing number of backlinks pointing to your site.

Check other sites in the same category or niche and leave nice comments. Maybe the owners will even let you embed a link or two on their sites ! If you get to know them ask for a decent blog review of a certain product you own and maybe return the favor.

Post on forums ! If you know much about a certain category well share it with the world and place a link in your signature that will surely increase the number of backlinks to your site !

What i'm saying is: It's not that hard when it comes to building backlinks. Of course some links are more valuable than others. Getting a footer link or signature link from a forum cannot be compared with a link from or an .edu site for example but you can try your best and at least cover very targeted keywords like:cheap windshields for sale or what's the best domain registrar in the us and so on.