Saturday, September 29, 2007

Find backlinks

How to find backlinks ?

Finding backlinks or finding which sites are linking to you is quite easy. But different search engines will provide different results.
The three most known and important search engines are Google, Yahoo and MSN. Here are a few examples on how to search for backlinks on each of them:


Use and try excluding your own links by adding the following : because you are interested in the links coming from exterior sources.

2. Yahoo

Same as Google only with a minor difference. Instead of link you must type linkdomain so the syntax would be

3. MSN

Last but not least we have MSN. Well searching for your backlinks in MSN is basically the same as Google and Yahoo. We can use the link or linkdomain syntax. This makes it easier because people get very confused.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Buy Backlinks

Of course there is this possibility too. Buying backlinks can mean a certain investment in your site. But buying a couple of backlinks won't rank your page, nope it's not that easy. You need to buy contextual relevant backlinks from high PR pages and i might add they need to be in large numbers. Try to avoid getting too many backlinks to your site over night because you will be blamed for spamming.

If you have lots of money (backlinks are expensive a PR 7 link could cost you around 70$ a month) you could go and buy backlinks but if you have the time (and the lessons are here) i recommend you learn how to build them yourself. But don't forget this possibility because you might want to build gov or edu backlinks which are a bit trickier and if you find a great deal then why not.

Monday, September 24, 2007

backlinks from blogs

Here i will explain the steps you need to follow in order to be efficient with your blog posting.

Ok the first thing you should take into consideration is your site's topic/theme. This is important because you would like the inbound links (the ones coming from these sites and linking towards you) to be placed on topics relevant to your content.
Let's say your site is about computers. That means you must find blogs where people talk about their computers. Well there are several ways to do this:

1. Using Seochat.
Seochat is a site that has a PageRank searching tool. It let's you find pages with PR by just inputing your search string. There are many blogging networks out there but most of them and by this i mean the well known ones : wordpress, blogspot etc have a no follow tag attached to your links and you end up having a useless link. You really want to avoid this and in order to do so you will need to experiment with different search strings and gather your information carefully. One way to avoid no follow links is by adding a pluggin for your browser. I am not going to give examples you can feel free to download any kind of pluggin. Ok so we have our pluggin set now we're ready to go. When we will post a no follow link this will automatically be highlighted with a red color (you can't miss it) well actually it's annoying but you will just have to learn to deal with it. Now for the search strings: There are a ton of blogs out there who are quite easy to spot by looking at their urls so if we would like to search for a blog which is structured with the use of nodes we will simply type in Seochat : " inurl:/node/ computers" this will probably show us a few results but it really isn't the thing we are looking for because there are too many results.

Of course this is just an example, you may find that there are many types of blogs with different structures (/node/ commentview / archive etc).

Not all blogs come with captcha's but you might want to look for these because they are likely to have less spam. I recommend you use searchstrings like "math question" or "This question is used to make sure you are a human visitor and to prevent spam submissions." because they are likely to show you good blogs to post on. Try to avoid blogs that require registration, most of these have the nofollow tag and are heavily moderated.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

How many backlinks should i post daily ?

I have too agree that many people ask this question. How many backlinks should you build anyway ? Well it's up to you to decide how many you could build in a day. The more the better (assuming you have the time) but it won't be that healthy for your site to have let's say 1000 backlinks over night because you will most likely be suspected of spamming.

The quality of your link building process is important too. Here's a really nice article about backlinks where you are able to see why a handful of links could beat hundreds or even more. Quality counts and like i said before you should always take quality over quantity.

I believe in Quality over Quantity remember that !

Inbound links and outbound links

We've been discussing about inbound links or links who are "pointing" back at your site.

However, you shouldn't ignore the importance of your site's outbound links. A number of quality outbound links from a Web page can also increase search rank because they indicate that the site is an "authority" on a particular topic.

Ok so outbound links are links on your website pointing to others. These can be a threat in some way because they can lead your visitors off your page. The way to not let this happen is by opening a new page using this syntax :
" a href="" target="_blank">Page Link " or by using JavaScript code.

I prefer to see external links as content, because the more you help your visitors the more will you satisfy your needs so you provide content right ?

The thing that connects inbound links and outbound links is the anchor texts. The anchors you use to "promote" your site will be your keywords so by building a lot of links using keywords from a general field won't raise your site's popularity around any field but if you build links using anchors from the same topic (perfumes for example) you will surely grow in search engines.

So don't forget a lot of inbound links + outbound links makes me a happy owner.

Friday, September 21, 2007

First things first

I’m sorry i jumped right into the link building process without explaining better the basics of links and link building.

So why do we need them ?

Well there are plenty of reasons but the most important are:

Getting your site known ! That’s right .. by creating links that are contextual related to your website you will have better chances of getting known via a search engine. People use search engines all day long so why not lead them to your site.

Making a profit out of this ! If people visit your site then you have a good chance to make money out of it. Place Google Ads or get yourself an affiliate. This way you could maximize your profits.

It’s fun ! Well who doesn’t want to work without having a strict program, be your own boss !

Are Forums Good ?

Some are looking for news, updates, things to sell etc. But most people don’t realize the benefits they could be achieving whilst using forum links.

Forum links unlike blog links or social bookmarking ones don’t tend to have the “rel=no follow” so basically when you link from a forum to your site you will be able to influence the search engines.

Of course in order to have a good result people should look for niche or topic related content and of course a good (1+) PageRank rating.

Known problems:

1. Forum moderators are very vigilent so when they see a 2 year old topic “jumping” on top of others they tend to be suspicious. Posting something like : “I agree, thumbs up” won’t do a lot and you will most likely be banned.

2. Posting on forums require skills. A person who wants to post on a forum should know the basic html syntax and phpbb related one too. When you register you must keep an eye out for html and bbcode availability, registering on a forum that doesn’t have either will get you with an account at the most.

Try using the Signature : Your links will probably look a little less spammy rather than stuffing them like :” I was wondering if you could help me with my site because i am having problems all day long .” I tend to use quotes or known phrases … keep that in mind and you will have links there waiting even after a month.

3. Don’t get fooled about forum urls, once you posted a link double check if the topic you posted in has a PR > 0. For example a link that ends with ?message= will most likely show a 0 PR. This is because the “?message=” part automatically shows a PR of 0 rather than it’s current value. Go back on your browser reload the page using the CTRL + F5 combo and see the actual results.

All these things could be a bit demoralizing if you are new to backlinks but take your time not everyone is an expert so try reading first, experiment after and let me know if your results are satisfactory.

Quality over Quantity

Although having a lot of links pointing to your is a good thing and may lead to a good Page Rank for you page it ain’t that smart to just go hunting for backlinks. I think people are taught the wrong way.

Why not look for something a bit more priceless ?

Of course everything is quite abstract but i could bet that if you would get yourself a few content related backlinks it would do you so much better than having 100 backlinks from spammed pages. Keyword related or topic related pages linking back to you have a much greater effect on your site. Google will see that your pages are related and will say that your page is more reliable rather than cutting down on your rating because you have achieved 10000 spammy links over night.

Backlinks explained

What are backlinks ?

Well backlinks or back links are links that point to a certain site. So the site linking will have at least one outbound link (leaving link) and the site receiving the link will have one inbound link. So to get this straight backlinks or inbound links represent the sum of links coming from other sites.

I know the importance of backlinks. Everybody is looking for them, everyone wants to have a huge amount of backlinks. They can mean the difference from a site you will never be able to find and those top results. Of course when it comes to SEO backlinks aren't everything but if you want to get started and see some results i think this is the most important aspect !

But are backlinks that important ? so important that people spend hundreds of dollars on renting a few links ? spending thousands or tens of thousands of dollars on link campaigns ? Well YES !

Think of it like this every backlink is a vote to the other site. If you get votes from highly trusted sites well they will carry a bit of that information to your site right ? if you get backlinks from spam blogs and other discredited / banned sites well it could affect your image. I will try to explain how to build better links for your site by following a few simple rules so feel free to search through my blog.

As a different approach i will try to explain how rankings are affected by backlinks :

Let's say Site A and C are linking to site B, which on the other hand links to site D. We will pretend our sites have the following PR.

Site A : PR 4

Site B : PR 4

Site C : PR 3

Site D : unknown ( or zero, site just created)

Lets say k(X) is the total number of links pointing from the site X to the rest of the world. Let’s say site is pointing to 10 sites then k( would be 10. In this case Page B would benefit from page A and C with about A/k(A) + C/k(C) PR rating. And site D with a B/k(B) rating.

Of course there are a lot more to this than just the number of links pointing in/out of each site but that’s the general idea.

Imagine that if a site shares the same content as yours and it links to you, because of the contextual relevancy you will gain more credit, seems simple enough right ? But this is only one of the aspects...

About me

Well i would like to say a few things about me before i get moving, my name is Sergiu as you can all imagine, i’m 21 years old and i’m a student. I like computers, heh who doesn’t but more than using YM and music. I like to learn about them, practice things and study their behavior.