Thursday, October 11, 2007

backlinks are easy

I keep getting questions from my friends. Hey Sergiu am I able to do that, is it hard to... are there any chances i could learn this... and the answer is Yes ! why not it's not a big deal. I think anybody can do this as long as they are motivated.

Don't think of it as something difficult although sometimes you will find it a bit harder. Think of it as the only way your site could ever exist and be known. You love your site right ? then you should love creating backlinks to it.

There is one thing i haven't said before about the number of backlinks you should build daily. Ok it would be better to have a decent income of links daily if not built by you but your friends also but try to set a number and stick to that number. This way you will have a much clearer image of your site and progress.

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Cătălin Cristian Ferţu said...

Many people don't know squat about backlinks ... and have no idea on how to make a site "visible" . The problem is that they don't even try to learn...The internet is the biggest library ...
But anyway ... we don't have to look very far to learn about backlinks ... 'cuz we have you :D