Friday, October 5, 2007

search engine

What is a search engine ?

Well a search engine is a system and like any systems out there it has : a purpose and that purpose is to bring information fast to the end user.

Of course search engines work under certain rules, have an interface and are amongst us in different forms. The most known type of search engine is a web search engine that allows people on the internet to find information. The better the algorithms the better or adequate the results will be.
I've talked about search engines on an earlier post and let's remember that the most important search engines are:

1. Google
2. Yahoo
3. MSN

They all share similarities and have a long history filled with events, ups and downs but today the end-user isn't interested in that, he is interested in the functionality of it. So why are search engines so popular ? Well can you imagine yourself accessing the internet, looking for something and not having the slightest clue on where to go first ? Who isn't addicted on search engines ? and finally who hasn't used one till today.

I remember when i first came across Altavista back in the late 96' it was really something, having the possibility to search for information was incredible. Since then most of us are using them on a daily basis either for music, pictures etc.

So what is there to be done, in matters of improving these search engines ? some people talk about implementing smarter AI's so that people will have a more friendly approach, some people say that they will control all the information on the Internet, i will not approach any idea because i'm happy with things they way they are now.

Finally i would like to encourage everyone to spread out the idea, search engines are your friends and they are time savers if you like it or not.

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