Thursday, May 21, 2009

Building Backlinks or Increasing Backlinks can help your site

I find it very interesting and dissappointing too that some people don't realize the benefit of links on the web. Most of them just build a site on the fly (with errors too) then put it online and wait for the money to pour.

Well things don't work that way at all !

Building backlinks and reputation and improving your brand name is important too. It's true that by offering great services people will refer your business and eventually link to your site but this process takes a lot of time. Of course you need to plan for the long run but there are some things you can do to get an increasing number of backlinks pointing to your site.

Check other sites in the same category or niche and leave nice comments. Maybe the owners will even let you embed a link or two on their sites ! If you get to know them ask for a decent blog review of a certain product you own and maybe return the favor.

Post on forums ! If you know much about a certain category well share it with the world and place a link in your signature that will surely increase the number of backlinks to your site !

What i'm saying is: It's not that hard when it comes to building backlinks. Of course some links are more valuable than others. Getting a footer link or signature link from a forum cannot be compared with a link from or an .edu site for example but you can try your best and at least cover very targeted keywords like:cheap windshields for sale or what's the best domain registrar in the us and so on.


Bilal Ahmad said...

Thank you for this.
Ok well the URL in our signnaturs count in our backlines or not.

Easy Cash said...

Thanks for the tips - yes .edu links help.

You can search for them in Google.

Use this search string. inurl:blog “black dogs”

Black Dogs are your keywords.