Friday, May 22, 2009

Spectromancer Fantasy Game | Plynx the best player

Heya all. I just wanted to write a short post about a great game i enjoy playing with my friends. It's called Spectromancer and it's a fantasy card game developed by the great guys who created Astral Tournament before.
You can download a free trial here basically giving you the possibility to play online only with the Cleric House. Spectromancer is so much fun to play because it takes so little time and you can easily spend like 10-20 minutes a day without gettin too hooked !
Spectromancer is really a Fantasy Game because it involves mythical creatures, awesome spells and amazing turnovers !!! It's cheap (just under 20 bucks) and really worth the spend.

If you can afford it go and buy it and you won't regret it... Maybe one day you will have the chance to duel Plynx which is the greatest Spectromancer player so far !!! I managed to beat Plynx in a spectromancer game with my favourite house: CHAOS by rushing him !!!

As you can see i'm one click away to kill him. Of course he took his revenge right after that but man i got to tell you: Plynx is a really good player. His analytical skills really impress me. We can certainly say that Plynx is the best Spectromancer player !!

If you enjoy card based games but Magic the Gathering is too hard for you to understand then go for Spectromancer or Astral Tournament (although discontinued) and emerge as the champion of Online Fantasy Card Games :))

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