Saturday, September 29, 2007

Find backlinks

How to find backlinks ?

Finding backlinks or finding which sites are linking to you is quite easy. But different search engines will provide different results.
The three most known and important search engines are Google, Yahoo and MSN. Here are a few examples on how to search for backlinks on each of them:


Use and try excluding your own links by adding the following : because you are interested in the links coming from exterior sources.

2. Yahoo

Same as Google only with a minor difference. Instead of link you must type linkdomain so the syntax would be

3. MSN

Last but not least we have MSN. Well searching for your backlinks in MSN is basically the same as Google and Yahoo. We can use the link or linkdomain syntax. This makes it easier because people get very confused.


Nawaid said...

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Jeff Walden said...

Does this mean that the other backlink checkers you find online don't work?

regalos originales said...

Im sure there are better tools to check backlinks

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