Monday, September 24, 2007

backlinks from blogs

Here i will explain the steps you need to follow in order to be efficient with your blog posting.

Ok the first thing you should take into consideration is your site's topic/theme. This is important because you would like the inbound links (the ones coming from these sites and linking towards you) to be placed on topics relevant to your content.
Let's say your site is about computers. That means you must find blogs where people talk about their computers. Well there are several ways to do this:

1. Using Seochat.
Seochat is a site that has a PageRank searching tool. It let's you find pages with PR by just inputing your search string. There are many blogging networks out there but most of them and by this i mean the well known ones : wordpress, blogspot etc have a no follow tag attached to your links and you end up having a useless link. You really want to avoid this and in order to do so you will need to experiment with different search strings and gather your information carefully. One way to avoid no follow links is by adding a pluggin for your browser. I am not going to give examples you can feel free to download any kind of pluggin. Ok so we have our pluggin set now we're ready to go. When we will post a no follow link this will automatically be highlighted with a red color (you can't miss it) well actually it's annoying but you will just have to learn to deal with it. Now for the search strings: There are a ton of blogs out there who are quite easy to spot by looking at their urls so if we would like to search for a blog which is structured with the use of nodes we will simply type in Seochat : " inurl:/node/ computers" this will probably show us a few results but it really isn't the thing we are looking for because there are too many results.

Of course this is just an example, you may find that there are many types of blogs with different structures (/node/ commentview / archive etc).

Not all blogs come with captcha's but you might want to look for these because they are likely to have less spam. I recommend you use searchstrings like "math question" or "This question is used to make sure you are a human visitor and to prevent spam submissions." because they are likely to show you good blogs to post on. Try to avoid blogs that require registration, most of these have the nofollow tag and are heavily moderated.

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