Sunday, September 23, 2007

Inbound links and outbound links

We've been discussing about inbound links or links who are "pointing" back at your site.

However, you shouldn't ignore the importance of your site's outbound links. A number of quality outbound links from a Web page can also increase search rank because they indicate that the site is an "authority" on a particular topic.

Ok so outbound links are links on your website pointing to others. These can be a threat in some way because they can lead your visitors off your page. The way to not let this happen is by opening a new page using this syntax :
" a href="" target="_blank">Page Link " or by using JavaScript code.

I prefer to see external links as content, because the more you help your visitors the more will you satisfy your needs so you provide content right ?

The thing that connects inbound links and outbound links is the anchor texts. The anchors you use to "promote" your site will be your keywords so by building a lot of links using keywords from a general field won't raise your site's popularity around any field but if you build links using anchors from the same topic (perfumes for example) you will surely grow in search engines.

So don't forget a lot of inbound links + outbound links makes me a happy owner.