Thursday, November 8, 2007

Drupal is backlink compatible

I have recently wandered over the Internet trying to come up with a few backlink building ideas and i have stumbled upon Drupal. Their network is quite impressive and i have managed to build a decent number of links on sites based on their format.

Whenever i wish to find a relevant site on Drupal i just go to Google and write these down : "login or register" inurl:node "keyword"

What it says is the following:

"login or register" - find those sites who have this in their content. Drupal needs you to register before you can comment so i used this to filter the results.

"inurl:node" tells google to filter those webpages that contain nodes (Drupal specific)

"keyword" is a topic you are interested in talking about.

Posting a decent comment with a link back to your page is really easy and can get you a backlinks from a relevant page in no time. You just need to download and install a plugin for your browser (I use SeoQuake) in order to see the page rank of google's results and then select those results (with PR greater than 1 obviously) and an email account.

Here we have a Google Search and as you can see i have typed what i was talking about earlier in the search box.

From the results you can see that finding a PR 6 page to post on might not be that hard to accomplish. It's really that simple ! you need to register and then add a nice comment with a backlink to your site. Of course your comments might get deleted but so remember not to spam and happy posting !

As an ending i'm going to show you a full example on how to build a backlink for any type of site. I'm going to search for a site relevant to my blog (seo and backlinks)

So here's the google search ! (remember to install SeoQuake and sort the results by their PR too )

Then we'll randomly take any result ( remember that every site works as long as the registration is complete and you don't need to wait for the administrator approval.

I'm going to register to their native site (i don't recommend using this one because it's heavily moderated and you really need to stay on topic oh and it's amongst the few sites that tag your link with nofollow... but this thing can be fixed by adding rel=follow to your links).

So i've settled on and this seems a good site.. Next thing is to register and get posting. I strongly recommend you get a plugin to highlight the nofollow links on any page.

So add a decent (even better than mine :P) comment that contains a link in the content or as a signature (your choice) and tell that link to point back at any site you want... So write these down youranchor

Now post the damn thing and you're set you have a one way link !

As you can see there are a few pink links (those are the nofollow links that drupal automatically sets). So here are a few more tips :

There are literally thousands of sites based on drupal so why not get good links ?
Don't over do it ! don't post more than one comment per day on a certain site !
Be sure to have a lot of accounts ready but if your comments are getting constantly deleted just move on !
Spread this document please ! and help promote my blog so I can get a bit more motivated.


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