Thursday, November 22, 2007

Alexa Rank

Recently my blog has gained a lot of Alexa ranks and i'm very pleased with the way things are going except the lousy traffic. Since the last Google PR update a few weeks back my site has grown around 900.000 alexa rankings in 3 major steps. First i saw a 400.000 increase then another whooping 400.000 and yesterday my site pulled of a decent 80.000-90.000 ranks.

I think Alexa's system really shows you the progress, if any, of your site. Because Google updates it's Page Rank only a few times a year you need some kind of info about your site. I would recommend using the Alexa Toolbar which you can download from their website here because it reveals accurate information about your site.

Other ways to figure out the progress of your site include finding your backlinks through several ways shown on my blog or by searching how your keywords rank on different search engines. The more tedious way is doing it manually, a bit time consuming if you want to check on your stats daily but efficient or by getting a software like Seo Elite which is a major improvement and has a lot of features which will help you get your knowledge. Let's say you want to find out about competition for instance, how many links the have or at what keywords they excel. I know it costs money but not everything in this lifetime is free.

So if your building your site be sure to have all the goodies that you might need installed like:

1. Google Toolbar for Page Rank
2. Alexa Toolbar for Alexa Rank
3. Search Status to be able to find nofollow links
4. Seo Elite or any similar software.

These are life savers sometimes and you can't really handle without them but if you like it the hard way you can come up with your own "solution" but i can't emphasise this enough :
Use your head, don't listed to every stuff that's out there, i'm sure that you can learn a lot but if you want to become successful in this field Use your head !


Giamatti said...

Great job on the alexa ranking, i wrote a article on my own blog about backlink building

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