Monday, November 19, 2007

edu links

Edu links are very important when it comes to linkbuilding. I consider them more important than .gov links even (which are nevertheless crucial to have). From our point of view edu links or links coming from an edu site aren't different from any other type of link but for Search Engines things are different.

Edu links aren't something new, they've been out there since 1985 (most of them from the US) and most representing schools although a few are belonging to museums or other educational based institutions. But why would they mean anything to you ? Well if you got edu links it's some kind of saying : hey he can be trusted, know what i mean ?

Having .edu links means that your site will gain more and more credibility, so you don't need to have like half of your total backlinks marked as edu but you could try to do your best at getting these.

A few interesting ways of searching edu links can be found here at dailyblogtips so feel free to start posting your bloglinks right away.

You will be surprised to see that all top ranking sites have edu links and it has become a linko hunting mania out there but if you play your cards right i'm sure you'll manage.


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