Thursday, November 22, 2007

Incredible rankings

After a few tests and other tedious things i have realized that my blog ranks up really high for a couple of very competitive keywords.

How to reach 40 on a 10 million keyword with lots of competition.

My primary targeted keyword is backlinks for which i have reached 40 out 10 million results ! Although programs like Seo Elite tell me that the current position is 30 (different Google searches may differ because of multiple datacenters) i think 40 is still a good rank and the screenshot proves it.

Another keyword combination i died to rank for was "buy backlinks". In a world where links are being sold or rented for hundreds of dollars i have made it to first page on Google ! That is a very good result nevertheless.

I am willing to teach everyone about my techniques so if you stick around on my blog i'm sure you will get valuable information that you can use to improve your site.

You could search for these keywords for yourself if you do not believe me. So share this with your friends let us rank high baby !

1 comment:

Jeff Parker said...

It does work! Great job, Will it work for Insurance SEO?