Friday, November 23, 2007

Google's I'm Feeling lucky button synonym to Wikipedia ?

Take GOOGLE and 600 search terms -> and you get 97.4 % out of which Wikipedia is on first page.

It has come to my attention that most of my daily searches (and I do make a lot of them) end up with Wiki on the first page. I started to think if Wikipedia isn't artificially boosted by Google.... yeah Google we know they aren't angels... but now really out of 600 random keywords and keyword combinations almost everyone of them is on the 1-st page...

Now that doesn't seem to be fair and you as yourself if the so disputed I'm feeling lucky button isn't a synonym for Wikipedia or a shortcut (your choice).

Hope Google fixes things, now everybody knows about Wiki and it's a shame when another good article is being obfuscated by other kind of interests... My solution ? remove Wiki from the search engines... it's already so popular that everyone who needs wiki info. could go directly to their homepage...

Sad Person.


yoav dolev said...

do you sell links?

mola said...

why are you asking ?

Keko Blogul said...

It's A SCAM!

Jeff Parker said...

this one?

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