Thursday, November 22, 2007

Keyword Rankings

I must admit that i'm a fanatic when it comes to Keyword Rankings because if your site is amongst the first results for specific a niche then your site is bound to have lots of visitors. The thing i don't understand so well is that despite the pretty decent rankings i've got traffic seems to go lower and lower each day.

I recently removed Google Adsense because it made my site look a bit childish but i can't imagine that the loss of traffic is connected in any way with Adsense... What is more shocking is that i'm not banned on Google and like i said i have pretty good results for any backlink combination like "buy or find or easy backlinks" but where is the traffic then ?

I know a solution would be to start submitting articles to Digg or other social media/ bookmarking sites but i really want to see organic search engine based traffic coming to my blog. The ways of the internet are still mysterious to me but heck who knows them anyway.... Who wouldn't literally kill to have their sites not placed on the first result but at least on the first page of Google, Yahoo or MSN ? With keyword rankings and a decent site comes traffic, and traffic will always make you money, either selling it, orientating it to your other affiliate sites, promote your products or even using Pay Per Click programs.

I might need to start documenting some more and experiment with a couple of things and i sincerely hope things will turn out fine in the end, till then happy blogging and don't forget that we are entering such a beautiful period (Christmas). So to all of you who haven't started on buying gifts well you should start before you find yourselves with no time whatsoever.

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